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Grow sales

Go on offense and give your pro customers what your competitors can't. Offer them larger lines and longer terms ‐ UP TO $1M AND 90 DAYS ‐ so they can go after bigger jobs with slower pay cycles, without added risk to you. Add in a competitive rewards program and convenient online tools that help customers manage their back office. All under your brand.

"We're able to attract more customers, thanks to BlueTarp.
Extended terms have been a great selling point for us." Mike Jung CFO, Comanche Home Center

Improve cash flow

Take the guesswork out of your cash flow. With BlueTarp, you decide how often you're paid—daily, weekly, twice-monthly or monthly—so you can invest more confidently in your business. It's time to stop tying up your bank line to fund accounts receivable and put yourself in a better position to make strategic investments or be prepared for a rainy day.

"When you can control your DSO, that's when you're running
your business, and not your business running you." Jason Terry President, City Lumber

Reduce risk

When sales increase, your exposure to risk increases, too. Take the risk of non-payment off your shoulders. With BlueTarp, we extend the credit and protect you from risk. Our proprietary credit tools and expertise ensure we make the right decisions that encourage good customers to spend more, while reducing exposure with at-risk customers.

"I'm third generation and I don't want to worry about the huge liabilities of
credit. With BlueTarp, we have a lot of risk off of our books." Andrew Brown VP, Brown Lumber